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September 14, 2011 / Vandita

Seminal Treks All.

The punctating clause at the title’s conclusion is deliberate. It is indicative of how every critical enterprise is nothing but a trek, which charters new discoveries that remain forever peripheral and marginal. Derrida’s trace is seminal since it tackles problems of erasure and elipses. Howsoever we may construe, criticism is overwhelmingly an activity in self abnegation. Self abnegation of the kind that  foxes its exponents and detractors alike to resist this reductiveness. It is akin to glorifying suicide for a cause. When Foucault forays into sexual deviance and its close panoptian confessional survelliance in the medieval ages, I am left wondering why he does not discuss the social-psycological dynamics that made sex per se so fascinating. Do Foucault and Derrida in their resistance to social games trying to create treks into the semial – the seminal and nothing else?

I guess I’m doing the same since I am critiqing the trace that is seminal. I guess there is the dreamer in me who entangles in the embrace of words and ideas, treks through the mirage of words and resists the ken of reality. “Sweet dreams are made of these/ Who am I to disagree…” The ‘van’ gives (Hindi ‘deta’) so that we vroom to be who we are. When Hazare threatens to be ‘Sparta’ we respect him, when Jews remain homeless wanderers we squirm. Fashions change and we declare ourselves seminal – concerned with fundamentals – treks on roads all so much taken that they’re now looming ‘afterwords’. We trek through the ‘afterwords’ and evolve as fascinated trekkers on a journey never-to-be-repeated but continuously evolving… with a closure we believe is our prerogative.

We are critics?


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