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September 18, 2011 / Vandita

Postcard to i

I could be what I was, never was or will never be for i was to be. Language is zero. Decimate the decimal but zero remains decimated forever. Why? Is it in the human to be orphic or is it humane to let be? Destruction is never a law just as life is a continuum. Why do we vacuumize the I? Somewhere I feel we’re all lusting after continuity, for a world without schisms, a world without seams and still free. Vrooming into a world of freedom, a world of the known and still beyond our ken is what we desire. i is everybody who weeps for the motherland and I is the vagabond powerplayer who aches for acceptance.

Let me just say that Death Penalty ought to be abolished. Let’s have a world where we teach ourselves and the posterity love. Punishment ought to be held back.

If ever a card was retrospect in a futuristic way it had to be a postcard to you, my i.



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  1. Vandita / Oct 5 2011 3:18 am

    Thank You Scott Collectibles. I hope it would not be amiss of me to say, “You express your ideas very poetically.” It will really be nice to have a world where it will not be necessary to say and assert your identity – to be together because all of us are who we are – a world where charm is in “to be.” Thank you, once again for all that you say in your Vin Postcard.
    Keep the quotient flyin’ high. Good luck.


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