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September 19, 2011 / Vandita

Ka – A Link in Questing

Let me just quote Rabindranath Tagore today to get my point across: “There are numerous stars in your sky, let me add my own lamp among them.”

the word/letter ‘Ka’ – in Hindi – doubles up as a possessive clause when suffixed to ‘us’ (his).In Hindi ‘k’ (pronounced ‘ka’ in Western U.P.) is the first alphabet, while ‘kh’ is the first alphabet in Urdu. Interestingly, in Hindi dialects,’ka’ prefixed to ‘re’ (‘kare’) is an indulgent questioning. Sensationally, the eleventh alphabet in English is ‘k’ – a post perfect lingual prefect of the numero ten. Robert Calasso’s path breaking mythopoeic novel ‘Ka’ has researched this intensively.

The reason I’m talking about ‘k’ and ‘ka’ is because today all of us wish to belong. Just because I studied in a small town or work in an obscure town does not mean that I’m unpolished. It just translates into a ‘me’ . I am no individual if I give up ‘k’ or ‘ka’.

Each one of us, where ever we come from, whosoever we are, we have a right to respect our individual selves and say with affectionate assertion ‘ka re’ and be the first born in “my life”. Let us rise above narrow creeds and walls and create a resilient, brave, ‘sundar aur susheel jahaan jismei’ the first as also the one who is a post-perfect ten has the space to breathe in.

John Lennon said:”I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.”


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