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October 5, 2011 / Vandita

Barnacles Bounder-less Blisters

“Smile an everlasting smile” is an overwhelming wish for happiness that never ever ends.I wonder, does happiness ever last? It is ever evolving and consistently changing just as we alter. Yesteryears, todays and the aeons to come-in had, have and will have happiness. The barnacles – Captain Haddock’s “Blistering Barnacles” – to smiles of happiness will always be there till we let every person “just be”. It has always been an impossible stasis, and maybe will always be. But, with the world becoming a “global village” it becomes a must that a mother who aches to bring up her baby with professionalism has a space to do that like a dad who wants to jig the days away with his children.

We’re all bounders since we traverse. Without sounding like a page out of some thesaurus, let me put it this way that we are all on a “safar” – a journey we do not know will end where and when. It is therefore very important to remember blisters on some of our souls will not be healed over night. Neither will ‘we’ become ewes ’cause we have discovered that persecution never pays nor will ‘we’ become vindictive Injuns ’cause we’ve discovered everyone has a heart.

Yup!! Blistering barnacles will go if each child is never at the receiving end merely because he fails to “fall in line”. All of us ought to have a chance because it matters – who we are, and we are who we are.


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