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March 30, 2014 / Vandita

Fiddlers on Language Roofs

Languages are miasmic pools of indulgence where the minute trajectories intersect there are either wars or fraternal bonds. Language is a game that underwrites community coda which goes on to shape the praxis of interrelationships within and without the community periphery. Each one of us has a native tongue and some of us feel extremely passionate about it. Surprisingly, the ones who refuse to be party to language politics are the ones who are its worst whipping lads. Simplistically speaking, the majority of us are civilized. We presume that civilized is apposite to qualities associated with tolerance, catholicity and broad mindedness. It is so very pertinent that todays civilized take a jab at the uncouth. You bet it is becoming of the civilized folks to show derision towards them who come from different quarters. Why? Well, because my language taught me certain ceremonies of speech – it becomes my prerogative to kick folks who can at best sham my lingua. Snobs and cultural snoots have one common denominator. They go out of their way to prove their cultural largesse. And it rarely matters to them that some of this gets our goat. Therefore, when folks point you to correct lisibles you have to tell them where they’re headed. They are at best scavengers who just don’t give two hoots to language diversities and spoken pluralities. It’s improbable to them that the uncouth have fine language traditions, even if these are not organized by a suave academia. The fact that my language reeks of garbage does not translate into me being garbage.  I guess it’s anyone’s guess that language veterans are to conformism what language barbarians are to experimentation. The former are insular to ways in which languages can explode phenomenally to include each one of us despite our being differently abled or challenged by sight and speech impairment. The backwaters presumably bring in muck. What escapes the culturally trained eye is that the muck is the result of denial and forced exceptions. Because some of us are socially, physically or/and psychologically different, we do not get our share of the lingual pie. Some of us never make it to the propah language rooms just because they are just those – for the cultured and abled propah. Pluralities within a language ought to assimilate and progressively incorporate different ways of communicating. Across the higher education canopy we remain in a limbo: we ask for language heterogeneity only to get the carpet pulled off from under. Is it impossible to have no other but a language which the mainstream-abled are capable of flexing? How long before the civilized language veterans refuse to be savages to innovation?


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