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November 2, 2017 / Vandita

Zero Tolerance to the Bashful

Smokescreens of success filter our perspective: we drain dynamism and extroversion to the lees. And the results are stunning. Just one “dekho”, and you’re in the frame. Twenty first century has no place for those who hesitate and stagger. Success launch pads detonate even the niggling wriggle of introversion and passivity. A stark, harsh world for those not wired to be go-getters. Where do Penelope and Sakuntala go?
Every other day the academic world staples the heroine of Abhigyan Sakuntalam as regressive and pitiful. Zero tolerance to those who balk in shyness. The present world is getting to be a gradient to shimmying adults who hate to be told what’s to be done. Sakuntala wants to be told. Why we cleaver individuals who are, and like to be wrapped in their emotional envelope is beyond my ken.
We are in a world where the academic and social ramp is dotted by flamboyance which single-mindedly cleaves at its shadow – a world where the flower girl in Tagore’s ‘Gitanjali’ is unthinkable. Flamboyance and the parade rule, shadows and spaces discontinue.


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